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what is do more than drink?

Do More Than Drink is a one-week campaign which sees Melbourne’s best bars join forces with thirsty Melbournians to help Scarf continue transforming young lives.

Do More Than Drink ‘17 (Sunday 3 - 10 December) is the third annual campaign of its kind, with 47 fabulous bar partners on board, including Gerald's Bar, Two Birds Brewing, The Lincoln, Neighbourhood Wine and Stomping Ground Brewing Co.

All bar partners have generously pledged to donate $1 from every drink sold on one night of the campaign’s final weekend. They’ll also display a Do More Than Drink donation jar throughout the campaign week; punters are encouraged to throw in a few dollars to bolster fundraising efforts and help Scarf continue running awesome programs for young people facing barriers to work.

Do More Than Drink has a big focus on raising funds so that Scarf can continue transforming young people’s lives through awesome hospitality training, mentoring and paid work experience programs. This year, we’re aiming to raise $30K, which will allow us to provide 1,200 hours of paid work experience to trainees during Scarf Dinners. This equates to putting 30 young people through Scarf programs where they'll gain skills, knowledge, networks and tons of confidence!

And, with 70% of Scarf trainees finding work within six months of graduating (at venues such as Garden State Hotel, The Moor's Head, The Two Birds Nest, Bibendum Wine Company and Atticus Finch), we can confidently say that the funds raised through this campaign will literally transform the lives of young people facing barriers to work. 



Do More Than Drink also aims to raise awareness about the barriers to fair work opportunities which are faced by young people seeking protection, and those from refugee and migrant backgrounds. Humanitarian migrants face unemployment rates of up to 43% compared to the national average of around 6%. Barriers to employment are complex and intertwined, and include limited English, lack of Australian work experience, impacts of past trauma on health and wellbeing, low confidence and discrimination. Scarf has been working hard to break down these barriers for the past seven years

Finally, Do More Than Drink offers awesome work experience opportunities to recent graduates from Scarf programs.

Scarf’s vision is a society which celebrates diversity, where all young people have equitable employment opportunities. We’re working towards this vision by running awesome programs which directly support young people facing barriers to work, and by rolling out campaigns like Do More Than Drink to advocate for fairer and more inclusive hiring practices in the hospitality industry. After participating in Do More Than Drink ‘16, we asked bar partners if they were now more likely to hire a young person from a refugee background. 77% of them said yes!

So, check out the huge list of bar partners, grab a bunch of friends, and get ready to enjoy a beverage in support of Scarf between Sunday 3 - 10 December!  

When you Do More Than Drink, you help create a world where all young people can thrive.


Bottoms up!

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bar partners

47 of Melbourne's best bars are partnering with Scarf for Do More Than Drink '17 - what a bunch of legends! Here are the bars listed by the date on which they're donating $1 from every drink sold straight to Scarf. Don't forget that each bar will have a Do More Than Drink donation jar on display for the campaign week so you can visit them any time between 3 - 10 December and throw in a few dollars to support Scarf! If you can't get to a bar during Do More Than Drink, you can make a tax deductible donation online


I support Do More Than Drink because I think the work Scarf does is key to strengthening the hospitality industry. Young people get given a fair go, the industry gets more people who are passionate and dedicated. Everybody wins.
— Iain Ling, The Lincoln (Time Out’s 2017 Pub of the Year)


work experience

Work experience is an important part of Do More Than Drink '17 - around fifteen bar partners, including Kitty Somerset, Rupert on Rupert and The Two Birds Nest, have signed up to offer work experience to a Scarf graduate trainee. Undertaking work experience allows graduate trainees to strengthen their skills, knowledge, networks and confidence, greatly increasing job prospects. And, potential future employers get to see the enthusiasm, capability and commitment of the awesome young people who've come through a Scarf program. All photographs in the Work Experience Gallery and throughout the site were taken by Roger Ungers

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Scarf on video 

The following videos will allow you to get a better idea of what we do at Scarf!

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do more than drink '17

This video explains how the Do More Than Drink campaign works, and how punters can get behind it! 

inside 7 years of scarf

Scarf recently turned seven and we've made a snappy little video to capture our impact. Happy birthday to us! 

scarf 2017 evaluation

Watch this video to hear from Scarf graduate trainees about how the program transformed their lives.